Inside The Longfellow House
Inside the Longfellow House, living room and dining rooms are very large, they can
easily accommodate a large gathering
Beautiful Northwest Mountain View From the
Front Porch at sun set.
It's always enjoyable sitting on the back
porch watching deer and other wild life
It was always enjoyable to sit on the
front porch in the evening to watch
the beautiful sunsets.
Dining Room has rich oak trim and solid oak cupboard & china closets   
Nice Kitchen comes with its own antique functional
cook stove just in case there's ever a power outage
Large mud room comes in off front porch;
it's big enough to even add more kitchen
space or cabinets
Located right off the kitchen is this handy  
laundry room with new washer & dryer  
  Front entry door & foyer   
We were sitting on the back
porch one evening, when this
beautiful white buck walked
out with another buck. You
never know what you might
Its common to see wild
turkeys feeding in the field
anytime of the day  
In the summer time there's
always deer walking in the
field; you'll see them any
time of the day.  
Big bucks like this will only be
seen at night with a trail
Walking only 100 yards out the back door of the
Longfellow House, you'll start to climb Blue Mountain. As
you can see, in the aerial photo's, there just isn't to much
besides forest. There are literally thousands of acres of
Tuscarora State Forest to hike,
ride horses, hunt, or explore.  
A short 3 minute walk out the front door and you'll be at
one of the most beautiful rivers in the East. Take your
camera and fishing pole, it's a great place to relax and
have a good time.  
I took these pictures 1/19/2013 right after a light snow. You can
see the deer and turkey tracks coming into the field. They even
come into the yard and walk around the house.
This bear showed up on trail cam
on the mountain  behind the
house. So far no one has bagged
Nice 10 point showed up on trail cam
right before season. He was only seen
once during hunting season. It will be
interesting to see how big he is next
Beautiful scenic view just 12 mile west of the Longfellow House, over
looking the Juniata River Vally. They call this outlook "The 1000 Steps".