This two story work shop could
easily be converted into a office
guest house,  rental or art studio.
Beautiful magnolia  blooms
every Spring. This old country
bell called us kids home for
My father used to keep honey
bee and he built this shed to
store his supplies in
Every Spring beautiful wild
flower adorn the fields around
the house
Aerial view of property around 1965, somethings have changed, but the beautiful surrounding are still the same.

Why buy just an ordinary property, when you can own an extraordinary property. This property not only has historical value, but it
can be anything you want it to be. A great place to raise a family, a hunting & fishing retreat, or for the business minded it would
make a beautiful Bed & Breakfast. There's not to many Bed & Breakfast that can offer their clients so much. Hiking, a place to
ride their horses, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. It would be a beautiful place to have weddings.
All this in one place.
Not to mention, all the free water you can use to raise your own food without restrictions, no pumps, no filters, just pure clea
n soft
If your tired of trying to find a place to fish, canoe, kayak, play golf, hike, ride your horses, hunt, its all right here at the
Longfellow House
If you have your own private plane, no problem, county airport only 20 minutes away with a 5000 foot runway.
Beautiful play ground and ball field within walking distance of the
Driving Distance in hours from Longfellow House
Driving Distance in hours
from Longfellow House

Harrisburg, Pa. 1.15

Philadelphia, Pa. 2:45
New York City, 3:41
Pittsburgh, Pa. 3:00
Washington D.C. 3:00
Baltimore, Md. 2:21
Syracuse, N.Y. 4:33
Boston, Mass. 7:00
Richmond, Va. 4:38   
Out the back door of the Longfellow House, you'll see Blue Mountain.  If you like to hunt, hike, horse back ride, there are countless
miles and thousand of acres of the Tuscarora State Forest to take advantage of. Because it's out of the way, it's rare to see another person  on
these trails.

The house sits high on a hill over looking the Juniata Valley & the Juniata River. Juniata is an Indian name. The valley was occupied
by many different tribes and it's not uncommon to find arrowheads or other artifacts laying in the farm fields.
Only a short 3 minute walk out the front door of the Longfellow House, flows the beautiful Juniata River.  It is known nationwide,
among sport fishermen, as one of the best bass and trout rivers in the east. The three mile stretch of river that flows past the
Longfellow House is very private. You'll see ducks, geese,and the occasional bald eagle, & deer. Plus many other types of birds and animals. This
part of the river is surrounded by private land, so rarely do you see anyone else, not even a fisherman, 99 percent of the time you'll have it all to
There was good reasons why the Longfellow house was built on this location. Beautiful view, abundance of good water, a short walk to fishor hunt,
made it the perfect place to build a lodge. Today there are many more reasons to live there.  It's only a short, thirty minute drive to Raystown Lake.
Raystown Lake is one of the largest lakes in Pa.  It's even large enough to accommodate float planes. Not to mention, the many Country Clubs, golf
courses, and ski resorts, all just minutes away from the Longfellow House.

Fifteen minutes east is the small country town, of  Lewistown. Only thirty minutes north, mostly on a new four lane
highway, is State College, home of Penn State University and the Nittany Lions football team. Many cultural events, and other entertainment,
happen nightly around the college and at the Bryce Jordan Center. State College also has its own airport. An hour to the east, is Harrisburg
International Airport. Flying anywhere in the world can be done from these two airports. Everything is easy access. Good roads,
no traffic jams. Just jump in your car, or on your motorcycle and you'll pass few other vehicles along the way. There is also miles and
miles of back country roads to explore on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  But  for the occasional Amish buggy, you'll have the roads mostly all to
You might be asking yourself if this property is so beautiful, why in the world would you want to sell it? You see, over the years it was
our mother and fathers' home. Then we used it as a family retreat, where we gathered for picnics and family reunions and vacations..
Now the family has grown older.  Many members of the family have move away. So now that it's being used less,
it's just not practical to keep it any longer. So our family has decided to sell it. Maybe it will give another family, maybe yours, the same
enjoyment it has given us for so many years.
More information and pictures on page two

Nestled away in the south central mountains of Pennsylvania, is an estate that is known for miles around as the Longfellow House.
Originally built around 1900 as a hunting and fishing lodge, by railroad executives, it was later sold and used as a home, thereafter.
The property consist of 7 acres, more or less. Half of it is field, it can easily pasture 4 or 5 horses or other live stock.

The soil is so rich that it will grow just about anything. An abundance of water makes it an excellent place for growing your own food. If you chose to
heat the house with your own firewood, there is more then enough wood on the property to last many years.
Water is not only abundant on the property, but the property comes with its own water rights to a large mountain spring.
It gushes thousands of gallons of water a day from the side of Blue mountain and is gravity fed into the house by a two inch water line.
The mountain side of the property is forest for miles & miles. It also borders and has access to thousands of acres
of Tuscarora State Forest. The trails are almost endless for horse back riding, hiking, or cross country skiing.

Over the last 100 years, the Longfellow House has only been owned by a couple of families. For the past 53 years,
it has been in our family.  Once you see it or live there, you'll understand why.
The property is very private. Neighbors are close enough to give a helping hand, if need be, but far enough away to make
the property private.
Over the years, a small friendly village grew up just south of the Longfellow House. It is known today as the village of "Longfellow"

Only a quarter mile down the road from the Longfellow House is a beautiful playground and ball field, where children and
adults can play without worry. Crime is something we think little of. Neighbors still look out for neighbors. I could go on and on about
this part of Pennsylvania. The beautiful forest, trout streams, rivers, and mountains...but it's something you would have to see for
yourself, to be truly appreciated.      
Do you want a slower pace of life?
Sick of high property taxes?
Tired of the traffic and traffic jams?
A place where crime is the exception not the rule?
A safe school environment for your children?
A new high school
A place to start your own business
Then maybe, the Longfellow House is the place your looking for!  
The Longfellow House