The Decker Terrier was developed over 35 years ago by Milton Decker.
It all started when Milton was visiting his neighbors,Chris & Betty Lindseth of
Monroe, Oregon.  As he approached their house, five very large Terriers came
bounding out the front door to greet him. Before Milton left their place that day,
they gave him a young dog, by the name of Henry, to try out. Milton was able to
recognize right away that Henry was a superior, all round hunting dog and
family pet. The dog would lead Milton & Mary on a state by state search, over
several years, to find just the right breeding stock to reproduce this great dog.
Through many trials, Milton found just the right breeding stock to developed the
dog we know today as the Decker Hunting Terrier.
The Decker Terrier is a blend of many dogs...
Its roots lay in the Old English Smooth Hair Fox Terriers, Rat Terrier,
Manchester, Basenji, and may even have some Whippet bred in long ago
because they are very fast on their feet, sometimes out running
the game their pursuing.
These dogs are very intelligent and sometimes head strong.
But, if you love a dog that wants to be involved in your everyday activities,
the Decker is the perfect companion dog. Whether sitting on the couch,
hunting, or a multitude of other activities, the Decker will be by your side.  
The Decker is a can-do dog that has no limits in its abilities.  They are very
loyal to their human family.  They are very athletic. Their average weight is
around 30 pounds, but dogs weighing as much as 45 pounds have been bred,
which makes them ideal for just about anything you want them to do.
The Decker's have a strong prey drive, which makes them ideal
for all types of hunting.  
Hunters like them because of their ability to find  game of all types.
They are wonderful squirrel and small game dogs. Some people have found  
they are great for flushing out pheasants and other game birds because they
hunt close. They have a keen sense of smell and hearing.  
Add that to alert eyes and you have a dog that is
outstanding in every way.
One only has to look into a Decker's eyes to see the intelligence and
willingness to please.  Today, most people have never heard of the Decker
Terrier.  That's because they are a very rare breed.  It was only a few short
years ago that the Decker's were almost lost to time.  There were less then a
dozen pure bred dogs left and most of them were very old.
The future of this wonderful breed looked bleak indeed.
If it wasn't for a few dedicated people working together to restore this fine
breed, these older Decker may have disappeared for ever without passing
their genes on, which was necessary to preserve these great dog.
Today, the Decker Hunting Terrier is on the rebound. A select few kennels
have dedicated their time and energy into preserving these wonderful dogs
that Milton Decker and his family started breeding over 35 years ago.

Please take your time and enjoy looking at these beautiful dogs
in my photo album.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the people who let me use
the photos of their dogs.
Brown's Pepper & Brown's Cookie
Decker Terriers of Blue Mountain
Henry, the dog that started Milton
Decker's breeding program
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